Rolling Sculpture: Full-Size Lincoln Continental Mark V in Cardboard

miles-to-empty-lfA gifted artist indeed, Shannon Goff constructed an accurate 1:1 replica of a 1979 Lincoln Mark V entirely in cardboard. She calls it Miles to Empty. Here’s more. 



Born in Detroit, artist and teacher Shannon Goff is fascinated with automobiles and their role in our culture. Her grandfather owned a ’79 Mark V much like this one, and the Penn State art professor created her cardboard simulacra partly as a tribute to him, and also to explore familiar Motor City tropes including power, luxury, and convenience. Of the Mark V’s ghostly, all-white construction, Ms. Goff explained to the art and design blog Colossal,  “It’s forlorn and forgotten, a ghost rider of sorts. It’s about memory and loss and is ultimately a memorial to my grandfather and to the city of Detroit.”

Ms. Goff received her BFA from the University of Michigan, her MFA from Detroit’s own Cranbrook Academy of Art, and has taught at the University of Chicago, the Rhode Island School of Design, and Penn State University. To see more of the cardboard Lincoln and her other fascinating works of art in paper and ceramics, be sure to visit her website. Photos below.



2 thoughts on “Rolling Sculpture: Full-Size Lincoln Continental Mark V in Cardboard

  1. Wow, that looks like a pencil line drawing instead of a actual object. Very talented lady, with a lot of time on her hands!

  2. My grandpa had a Mark V too! It was the Cartier edition. The interior was like an old lady’s parlor.

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