Presenting the 1956 Continental Mark II

Mark II BWHere’s the little two-minute promotional reel in which the Ford Motor Company introduced the Continental Mark II to the world. The pride is evident—check it out.



Here at Mac’s Motor City Garage, you know we have an interest in the 1956-1957 Continental Mark II. We’ve done a featureĀ on the Mark II’s history, on the Mark II’s dedicated assembly plant in Dearborn, and we’ve shared Barry Wolk’s gorgeous video essay starring his own Mark II convertible. The Mark II was, safe to say, the most ambitious luxury car ever launched by the Ford Motor Company, and there are countless stories to tell about the project’s fascinating history.

In this little two-minute black-and-white promotional film, Ford unveils the Mark II with an air of quiet yet unashamed confidence. No brag, just fact as the car’s comfort and mechanical features, virtually unprecedented in a mass-production automobile, are ticked off one by one. That makes the film an excellent introduction to the Continental Mark II story for car enthusiasts of today. Enjoy.



13 thoughts on “Presenting the 1956 Continental Mark II

  1. The most handsome car of the ’50s. Amazingly well styled considering the Edsel was on the drawing boards too at this time.

  2. I’ve always thought that it’s the Continental Mark II that represents the style and taste of Edsel Ford, the Edsel car less so.

  3. This is the Lincoln I remember; not that near-luxury junk they sell today. Back when Mercedes-Benz’ still came with vinyl upholstery, Cadillac and Lincoln set the standard. I’ll never understand how they managed to throw that away.

    • It’s not a Lincoln. Never was, never will be. It was a separate division like Chevrolet is for GM. Only select Lincoln dealers sold them. Just curious, Andy. Have you actually driven a new Lincoln?

      • I’m a Lincoln man all the way, but all the current Lincolns look like Fords with bigger grilles stuck on, and that’s just how they drive too.

        • It too bad the general public is ignorant of where past Lincolns came from. The ’70’s Lincolns that are so revered were built on the Ford chassis designed for the Mercury and Ford lines, but never let facts get in the way when there’s “feelings” around.

          • Is there anyone who doesn’t know Lincolns are built on Ford chassis? The point is that Lincolns used to have good product differentiation and added value for the price, but now they don’t. I’m sure Ford product planners would agree.

  4. Great piece. It’s funny how this has spurred two divergent discussions. First, that the Mark II was not a Lincoln and second, the current state of the Lincoln brand.

    Being a Lincoln owner and enthusiast, I think we can all objectively say that the marque has been floundering for several years. Maybe it’s time to bring back the Continental brand. When the Mark II was introduced, Ford could legitimately claim that it was the finest automobile made in America. They are capable of doing that again.

  5. Wow, it’s too bad Lincoln can’t generate this passion in the showrooms!

    I haven’t seen it, but I understand SNL did a sendup of the Matthew McConaughey Lincoln commercials last night. That’s great, puts the brand in the national consciousness.

    • I just came across that SNL skit a minute ago while surfing. To me at least, it’s pretty funny. But the brand isn’t really given any focus – mostly just Jim Carrey.

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