A Video History of the Dodge Power Wagon

This awesome video presented by Fiat Chrysler historian Brandt Rosenbusch tells the Dodge Power Wagon story in just three entertaining and informative minutes. Watch. 



Closely based on the Dodge WC military trucks of World War II, the Dodge Power Wagon was introduced to the civilian market in 1946 for industrial and agricultural use, where it quickly became a legend. The combat-grade vehicles, equipped with rugged four-wheel-drive and power-takeoff systems and except for a cab and a heater, no frills whatsoever, were regarded by their loyal owners as nearly unstoppable and virtually indestructible. To this day, collectors of classic Power Wagons can’t seem to help getting them dirty.

The original, flat-fendered utility-bodied Power Wagon was offered from 1946 through 1968 in the U.S., joined in 1957 by models that employed standard truck bodywork. Discontinued in 1980, the Power Wagon nameplate has been revived in recent years for special off-road versions of the Ram pickup. We don’t pretend to be authorities on the Power Wagon and its complicated and colorful history. However, historian Brandt Rosenbusch of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles certainly is an expert, and here he presents a wonderful three-minute tutorial on the storied vehicles. Enjoy the video.


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  1. They had quite a legacy indeed. I remember a few Dodge 4×4 trucks in my neighborhood as a kid but I’m sure that they were surplus units from the war. They were indestructible for sure; you couldn’t work them to death; you had to kill them with a stick. They were about the roughest riding trucks I’ve ever been in. I would think that it would be prudent to wear a helmet to prevent striking your head against the door frame when traversing rough terrain. Despite their crudeness I’d like to have one….

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